Recommended Reading

Taking Care of Your Child - Robert Pantell, M.D.
An accurate, well indexed reference text. There are many similar ones on the market. We like this one the best!

Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems - Richard Ferber, M.D.
A classic in the field. We have been promoting Ferber's philosophy for many years. His methods are effective, safe and have no harmful side effects.

How To Get Your Child to Eat, But Not Too Much - Ellen Satter, R.D. M.S. W.
Mrs. Satter discusses the complex feeding relationship between parents and their children. She is trained as a nutritionist and a social worker, bringing expertise from both areas.

One Minute Asthma - Tom Plaut, M.D.
Dr. Plaut has brought much accurate and helpful information together in his 60 page book. Required study for all parents of asthmatic children!!

Feed Me I'm Yours - Vicky Lansky
Mrs. Lansky published this book about 25 years ago. Even though it was written many years ago, it is an excellent book. Her book is full of creative practical suggestions for feeding infants and toddlers.

Dr. Larry Silver's Advice to Parents on ADHD - Larry Silver, M.D.
Dr. Silver, who has Attention Deficit himself, has put together a classic. This is his third book on the subject. It is timely and accurate. A terrific resource for families who are struggling to learn more about this chronic condition.

The Three Martini Playdate - Christie Mellor.
This paperback does not replace Brazelton, Spock, Sears or Greenspan. Mrs. Mellor tells it as it is, regarding parents, children and who can really be in charge. We highly recommend you take the time to read this book.