Recommendations For Influenza Vaccination

The Flu is not your common cold. It can be unpredictable and deadly. Whatever your age, race, gender, or health, influenza (flu) doesn’t discriminate and doesn’t care about you or your family.

That’s why the CDC recommends that EVERYONE (yes even you!) who is 6 months and older get the annual influenza (flu) vaccine. This year’s vaccine gives you protection against four different flu viruses, including the H1N1 virus. The vaccine is given either by injection (killed flu vaccine) or the nasal spray FluMist® (live, but weakened flu vaccine).

Children under 8 years of age will need 2 doses that are at least 4 weeks apart, if they have not received 2 doses in the past. Everyone else just needs to receive one flu vaccine. Contact our office to get the flu vaccine and let’s keep the flu uncommon this season!

Parents are welcome to be vaccinated when here with their children. Our fee is $35. We do not submit an insurance claim for this service. If you wish you may submit the claim to your insurance company yourself.